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9122 – 2 Pack Shrink Wrapped Original Travel Bingo

The Shrink wrapped 2 packs of our Classic Assortment of Travel Bingo is a compact way to merchandise our classic game on a peghook, or in a display. The higher price point increases ticket sizes, and packs a lot of value in a small space.

  1. 9122O Orange – Interstate Bingo
  2. 9122G Green – Auto Bingo
  3. 9122P Pink – Auto Bingo
  4. 9122B Blue – License Plate Bingo
  5. 9122AS – Assorted

Clip Strip

For stores that don’t have counters near their registers, we’ll pre-pack 9122’s onto a clip strips for easy merchandising.

PDQ Display

2 pack Shrink wraps fit nicely into countertop displays.  36 for the large white displays and 12 in the small blue displays.