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Family Bingo Set

Regal Games Family Bingo is classic bingo fun for the whole family, right at your kitchen table.  But unlike other Bingo Kits, this one comes with Regal Games Exclusive Finger-tip Slider Cards instead of messy chips.  So when it’s time for bed, Mom and Dad don’t have to hunt under the couch to pick up all the pieces.  Includes 4 Finger-tip Cards, sturdy metal cage with automatic ball selector, 75 color coded bingo balls and spill-proof molded masterboard.

Product Features

  • MSRP $29.99
  • Reusable Slider Cards (No Mess to Clean up)
  • High Quality Metal Cage Construction with Automatic Ball Selector
  • Durable Plastic Master Board with Spill Preventing Cups
  • Colored Crush-Proof Bingo Balls


Master Cartons: 6 units

Unit Dimensions: 8”x 8” x8”

UPC: 0-80486-00396-2


Family Bingo Booster Packs

The Family Bingo 8 Card Booster set includes 8 more of the Premium Finger-tip Slider Cards that come with the Regal Games Family Bingo Set. Each pack is color coded to prevent duplicates.

With The Family Bingo Set and all four Boosters, you expand the game up to 36 players! These aren’t the cheap messy cards either. Each card is a 4-ply, hardboard paper with slider windows. Simply slide the window to mark each number. That means no spilling chips all over and no losing your place in the game.

Best of all, they fit right in the Family Bingo Box, so you’ll always know right where they are.


 Product Features

  • MSRP $14.99
  • Packs of 8 Reusable Finger-tip Slider cards for use with the Family Bingo Set
  • 4 color varieties support 36 players
  • Can be repacked into Small Bingo PDQ per request
  • Try me window increases sell through
  • Can also be sold with Item # 250 (Bingo Calling Deck) for an inexpensive Bingo option