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Standard Finger-Tip Bingo Cards

Reusable Bingo Cards for kids from Four to One Hundred and Ninety Nine – Standard size

Tired of Bingo Cards that get used up and thrown away?  These reusable cards will let you play without filling up the landfills.  Finger-tip cards are perfect for fundraisers, parties, corporate events, bus trips, and family reunions.  Because there are no chips or daubers, cleaning up is a breeze.   Each card measures 6.75 x 6.5 inches. Numbers are 1/2 inch high. Made of durable 4-ply recycled cardboard.

Available in Green, Blue, or Wood Grain / Tan.  Also sold in kits:

Item Number List:

  • 155 – Green
  • 155 – Blue
  • 155 – Woodgrain or Tan
  • 9200 kits
    • Green / Green
    • Blue / Green
    • WOT / WOT
    • 10, 25, 50