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For over 70 years Regal Games has been bringing family fun entertainment to a new generation of toy lovers. Based just outside of Chicago, the team members and family at Regal Games build quality toys with old world craftsmanship.

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Our History

The Founder of Regal Games was Erich Spitzner, a German immigrant who was working as a bank teller in 1940 when he begrudgedly attended a bingo game with a friend.  Erich scoffed that the cards were of terrible design because every time the table was bumped the chips slid off their numbers and he could not see what number had been called.  When challenged to find an improvement, Erich declared they should have little shutters like a window.  At the time, no such thing existed.

Later that year Erich bought a struggling printer known as Regal Printing Press.  The next year, when Erich had perfected his idea, he filed for the patent on the sliding shutter window.  This design was an improvement over the window style shutters and included a transparent shutter to make it easier to check the cards.  The new cards were an immediate success and word spread quickly.  Regal Games had forever changed the face of Bingo.

A few years later Erich became increasingly concerned for public safety as he taught his daughter to drive.  In 1957 he invented Traffic Safety Bingo to teach her to keep an eye out for important signs.  We’re not sure it helped her driving, but it sure was a hit with local toy stores.  Packaged with Auto Bingo and set on a counter in a chipboard display; The Travel Bingo Assortment was born.

Erich Spitzer spent his life inventing; introducing more than 50 different games. Erich’s last invention was the highly popular Easy Read Finger-Tip Bingo Card. The card features a one square inch window that can be more easily read by the vision impaired.

In 2011 Erich’s daughter Louanne brought in partner Michael Roberts to manage the company.  In the spirit of Erich Spitzner, Regal Games continues to introduce fun new toys and games including Silly Monsters Memory Match, the Retro Travel Bingo Series, The Family Game Night series featuring our new Bingo Cage with finger-tip shutter cards.

Introduced for 2015 is Regal Games latest family fun toy, the Whirl-O®. New distributors and toy stores across the country apply to become the first to carry this exciting new toy.